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Thu 11 Aug

The Stour Hall – Technical Overview

The Stour Hall – Technical Overview

The Stour Hall is the largest space at The Exchange and can accommodate an audience of 300 with approximately half of them on raked seating.

Easy access to the stage is via a single exterior door which opens onto the large car park from which there is level access right through to the stage.

Stage lighting consists of 48 dimmer channels which are normally controlled from the control room at the rear of the auditorium using Zero88 dimmers and lighting desk. Our standard lighting rig allows for 3 full stage colour washes (Red, Blue, Open) along with an open wash and specials from front of house. A Chilli-Net controller is also available on the stage which allows for basic lighting control without a technician.

The hall is equipped with a high quality stereo sound system with foldback speakers on stage. Sound is usually controlled from the control room using a 20 channel sound desk.

Amplifiers are situated in the control room together with a CD/tape player, minidisc and DVD player.

There is an audio loop installed for the hard of hearing in the audience.

There is a digital projector installed at the rear of the auditorium along with a 16ft electronic screen above the stage.

A full intercom system is installed and can be used from stage left, stage right, control room and in each dressing room. The system also incorporates show relay to the dressing rooms from a mic installed above the stage.

More detailed technical information is available in our technical specification along with our standard rig lighting plot.

For more details please contact The Exchange on 01258 475137

View the tech spec PDF
View Exchange Standard Lighting Rig PDF

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